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In the PGG Store you can purchase PGG branded clothing, join the PGG or renew your subscription, and book events.

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PGG Clothing

Order your PGG branded clothing here. View products


Subscription rates are per year (1st Jan to 31st Dec) If joining after 1st October membership will be to 31st December the following year. New membership fees include a £10.00 joining fee. View products

Visits and Meetings

The PGG organises Visits and Meetings throughout the year, in all areas of the country.

There are currently no events available for booking.

New Visits and Meetings for 2015 are currently being arranged and will be available to book online shortly. Please keep checking for updates on the website. View products

Conferences and Seminars

The PGG organise occasional Conferences and Seminars.

There are currently no Conferences or Seminars available to book.

Study Tours

The PGG organise occasional Study Tours. View products

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